Caring is Sharing: natural financial growth with doTERRA

Everyone has a different story of how they got started in dōTERRA. One of my favorite parts about dōTERRA is how authentic our community is. So many of our leaders did not start building in dōTERRA to become rich. They simply shared their story and their genuine desire to help others find their own success. In doing that, their team grew organically into the business they have today. This is Brad and Dawna Toewse’s story of how dōTERRA changed their lives and how they strive to help dōTERRA change the lives of those around them. Enjoy!

3 ways to feel peaceful with energy hygiene

Ever feel like you enter a fog of ick-i-ness and then like it stays with you can’t shake it?

Yup, kinda like Pig-Pen here…

and you’d rather feel

Well, dear friend, let’s talk energy hygiene.  We all know how fresh and clean our physical body feels after a bath or shower.  We can collect energy that does not belong to us.  Now let’s shift to explore our more subtle side….candle aura 2

Imagine your subtle energies are like the light that this candle puts out into a room.  Just as this light can affect its surroundings so can your subtle energies radiate out and can be felt my others. As a HSP, you can sense the emotions of others {sometimes very keenly and even grab them as your own feelings- if you tend to do this, check out this video post about a powerful question you can ask yourself}.  Ever been in at a party or in a room full of people and felt really tired afterward?  This is your superpower of empathy in action.  You can sense the emotions of MANY people and if not prepared take them on and hold them in your energy bodies.  Being highly sensitive makes energy hygiene ESSENTIAL to your well-being, on all levels. Without energy hygiene, you can feel drained, exhausted, scatter-brained, cranky, fatigued after being in crowd, a grocery store, being around upset people, or even seeing fighting in a movie.  Your nervous system is different from those not wired to be as sensitive as you- meaning on a biological level your nerves process input differently…..THEREFORE your nerves require nourishing care and attention every day and usually multiple times throughout the day!

P.S. your ability to sense in this deep way the subtle is a gift.  A tremendous gift. Empathy is what the world needs more of!

Let’s get down to it!  What are some ways we can energetically refresh ourselves to feel vibrant?  It’s all about connections…….

Connect to Nature

Go get a forest bath, walk among trees.  Prune a plant. Have a stroll in a peaceful garden or park.  Sit under a tree, HUG a tree {that’s right, I said it, I DARE you to do it! and post a photo on our FB group}.  Intentionally let it take away that which is not for your highest good.  Lean your back against a tree and allow yourself to receive all that which you need. Connect with nature in any way that is meaningful to you and you are practicing energy hygiene.

Connect to Source

Ane Axeford of Sensitive Leadership shares that HSPs have a NEED to TRANSCEND.  What ways are meaningful to you to go beyond?  Is it prayer, yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, painting, being with children, being with animals, being with plants? Diffusing essential oils is very soothing and supportive for this process of connecting to the Divine.  I find that the aroma can really transports me to a space of peace and calm quickly : )

Connect to your senses

Body scan bliss baby. Observing. Noticing.  Being highly sensitive you are amazing at doing this. ALL. DAY. LONG. These are some of your super-powers!  Do this for YOU now to connect to your senses, do a body scan.  Get comfy, close you eyes, and NOTICE from forehead working your way down to you feet and imagining a soft light to follow and relax yourself gradually.

Dance. Pump up the jam and bust a move baby.  FEEL it. ’nuff said.

Aromatherapy bliss baby.  Drop will do ya!  Inhale, diffuse, rub on soles of your feet, and CONNECT TO YOUR FINE BODY, you sexy thing you.

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